Registration of a Private Limited Company in Ranchi Jharkhand in 2022
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A Private Limited Company is one of a kind of legal organization in Ranchi Jharkhand, Company Registration in Ranchi Jharkhand is with the ministry of corporate affairs which entitles you with the rights of doing business anywhere in Ranchi Jharkhand or India

MCA as an entity registers your private limited(PVT. LTD.) company. After registration CIN Number with Certificate of Incorporation is provided in the process. At the end of this, one has to simply open a current bank account on the basis of a Certificate and initialize and run Company Operations.

The directors of a Private Limited Company have limited liability to their Creditors and Banks/Creditors are allowed to sell only the assets of the company (when there is a scenario of default). The creditors do not have the authority to sell the personal assets of directors. To ensure the company is registered, before starting a company in Ranchi Jharkhand.

Best Company Registration service in Ranchi Jharkhand

Details for Online Company Registration in Ranchi Jharkhand

Best Company Registration Company in Ranchi

Online Company Registration Services in Ranchi Jharkhand


“Company Registration” is the foremost mandatory step for the beginning of a new venture.

 Below are the necessary documents for the same.

  1. Passport size photograph (5-6 are required)
  2. Identity Proof
  3. PAN card
  4. Bank statement
  5. Electricity Bill
  6. Rent Agreement
  7. 3 Affidavits (provided by each director)
  8. Digital Signature(DSC)

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  1. Application must be applied with at least two directors or partners.
  2. An Authorized Share Capital of 1 Lakh Rupees

Documents reveived by Applier/requester WITH COMPANY REGISTRATION

  1. DIN for two directors as stated in the application
  2. Company Name approval
  3. MOA + AOA
  4. Company PAN/TAN
  5. Google My Business
  6. MSME Certificate
  7. Company Incorporation Certificate
  8. Bank account opening document support
  9. Domain name for 1 yearalong withWeb Hosting


Below are the steps for the same:

  1. Fill the form with complete details.
  2. Click here for more details and understanding.
  3. We will provide DPIN and DSC.
  4. Authentication and name Approval
  5. Documents submission

Process and work completion information will the provided after this

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Company Registration a legal entity and hence having this process in place is a motivation for the following reasons.

  1. Recommended by Banks, Financial Specialists, and VCs
  2. Easy to assign, allocate and redistribute shares to investors or other directors
  3. Distributing shares to shareholders or directors becomes an easy process
  4. Distinctive legal entity which is entitled to control your liability
  5. Offers benefits of Public limited Companies and suppleness of partnership firm
  6. Simple to Register and Maintain
  7. Simple to Close or Dissolve

Incorporation of Private Limited Company in Ranchi Jharkhand

For Start-ups and Small and Medium-size companies

Some of the advantages are implicit and are as follows: –

  1. Very minimal Compliances with ROC
  2. Fees and cost incurred is less.
  3. Incorporation is a ten-day process that includes, Share Certificate, MOA/AOA, TAN, DSC, DIN, PAN, and many more.
  4. Opportunity to apply for Start-up in Ranchi,Patna,Kolkata,varansi,Lucknow for Recognition and Tax Exemption
  5. Free Post incorporation consultation
Online Company Registration Services in Ranchi Jharkhand

Company Registration service in Ranchi Jharkhand

Benefits of Private Limited Company Registration

When one goes for Private Limited Company Registration in Ranchi Jharkhand, there are many benefits that someone achieves-

  1. Protection of Personal Assets of The Partners:

For shareholders in a Private Limited Company, they tend to have limited liability. Hence, they will be considered liable to pay the liability of the company, only to the limit of your contribution to the company.

  • A Private Limited Company is Separate Legal Entity in the Eyes Of The Law:

In simple terms, the partners/owners/stakeholders of a PLC, are completely different bodies according to the Company Registration act or constitution. Indirectly a company will be upheld for efficient management of its debtors and creditors, assets and liabilities.

  • Raise Capital Easily:

A certain number of compliance requirements has to be met by a Private Limited Company Registration, which is registered in Ranchi Jharkhand under M.C.A. Entrepreneurs as well mostly preferthis a form of company structure.Reason being,necessary funds via equity can be raise with this. It also allows and helps them in expansionalong with limiting their personal liability.

  • Benefit of Continuous Existence:

It has the most important benefit, which is known as “Perpetual Succession”.It means that its existence will be continuous until it is legally dissolved. Due to it being a separate legal entity, it remains unaffected by the departure or death of any member.Even though there may be a change in existence, it will continue its existence.

  • Private limited company registration certificate

For Private Limited Company Registration online, the applier needs to make sure that the preferred company name follows the protocols of the “Private limited company registration name availability” criteria. After the process is complete you will receive a Private limited company registration certificate.

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Process and guidelines of Company Registration in Ranchi Jharkhand

  1. Documentation and Name Finalization

We collect the documents for the Company registration process and then send them to the requester for signature via email. After this, we collect scan copies of Signed Papers from the requester via email. Parallelywe finalizes on the proposed name of the company. Generally, we decide on two names. We aim at completing this on the first day of the process.

  • DSC apply

During this time, we apply for Digital Signatures on behalf of all directors/shareholders.

We aim to complete (Company registration process) on the first day of the process.

  • Incorporation Filing

On the second day, we file an Incorporation form with ROC. All Forms are certified by CA or CS or CMA.

  • Company Approved

ROC generally approves incorporation applications in a day or two. Once the application is approved, requester will get a certificate, PAN, TAN, and other applicable documents.

Pre-requisite for Company Incorporation

  1. The proposed Company must always be unique. Ensure that the suggested name must not match or be identical with any of the existing companies or trademarks in India.
    We assist in selecting and finalizing name/s.
  2. All Proposed Directors must have Active DIN
  3. Digital Signature for proposed Directors/Shareholders
  4. Decide Paid-up Share Capital and Share % between Shareholders
  5. Decide Authorised Share Capital. ROC Fee & Stamp duty based on Authorised Capital. Low Capital – Less Govt Fee.
  6. Decide Company Registration State and Office address
  7. Decide Bank Authorised Signatory and Bank name to open your account (ICICI, BoB, Kotak, PNB)

various Compliances to be done post incorporation of a PLC

Apart from other statutory compliances like GST, Income Tax, etc, a Private Limited Company must comply below without any delay.

  1. File Commencement of Business (COB) e-form INC 20A within 180 days of incorporation. 
  2. Appointment of a Statutory Auditor (Practicing Chartered accountant) for Auditing Books of accounts and issue audited Annual Financial Statement.
  3. Filling of ROC Annual Forms 
  4. Filing of Director e-KYC

The above compliances related to the provisions of the Companies Act. If it a Start-up Company, keep a reserve of additional expenses approximately Rs 40-50K for annual audit and ROC filings. 

We provide easy and hustle-free processes for various company registration services such as “Private limited company registration in Ranchi Jharkhand”.

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