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An organization or group of people working together not for profit but for the welfare of the general Society or society with an agenda to help the community have the option to register as an Organization under the Society registration act or Trust registration act to obtain legal status with the help of society registration consultant.

A non-profitable organization or non-government organization consisting of seven or more persons, meeting together for social welfare, development of society or donation purposes or for purposes set out in section 20 of the Society Registration Act of 1860, may obtain Society Registration by signing their names from the Memorandum of Association and submitting the same to the registrar.


What are the benefits of NGO registration (Society registration, Trust registration) in India?

NGOs include groups and institutions that are separate from the government and are naturally independent, designed to support democracy, humanitarian action, protection of children’s rights, animal welfare, empower the underprivileged and vulnerable women and the wildlife system and the environment. Some NGOs work to spread adult education and education. The greatest benefit is self-satisfaction and the well-being of the people what kind of profit can be more than any financial gain; committed to higher numbers of people than the so-called profit, after registration

Major benefits of NGO registration (Society registration, Trust registration) in India: –

An NGO is well known and can work well, it can open a bank account on behalf of an NGO to raise money for donors but receiving funding from abroad depends on FCRA approval and the appropriate certificate in accordance with FCRA rules pertaining to NGO grants. Upon registration, the NGO can easily raise the fund legally. After registration of an NGO, it is appropriate and credible to the views of donors and between the general government and the competent government. Without an NGO registration it is not possible to get a grant under any NGO-related program or by an NGO initiative. after registration in he can apply for registration under the income tax law to earn a profit under 12 A, 80 G and 35 Ac of India & income tax law in India.

Apart from this, the registered Society reserves the right to enforce legal proceedings in court. Get tax deductions. The Organization operating under this Act reserves the right to file tax returns. Manage a few debts etc.

In terms of section 20 of the Society Registration Act, the following 1860 are eligible to apply for registration of the Association (Society registration)
  • Social Services

  •  Education & Literacy

  • Tribal welfare and minority’s development programme

  • Environment & forests

  •  Health & family welfare

  • Micro Small & medium enterprises

  •  Scientific & Industrial Research

  •  Tribal Affairs

  • Vocational training for skill development

  • Agriculture & plantation

  • Children education development

  • Dalit  Upliftment

  • Youth affairs

  • Women Development & Empowerment

  • Tourism 

Key features of the Society’s registration

To register the Association, at least seven or more members are required.

In the case of persons, Society or Society registered outside of India who are interested in starting a Society in India, then they would have to subscribe to the Memorandum of a Society in India.

In India, it is not compulsory to register an Association (S.R.Act, XXI-1860 or Indian Trust act-1882) however, with the registration of the Society they receive legal protection and are entitled to benefits provided by the government.

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What are the purposes of registering the Association under S.R.Act,XXI-1860 (Society registration)?

There are various types of purposes for registering the Society in India. However, the following objectives must be set when registering the Association in India:

  • 1. Health & family welfare
  • 2. Road safety awareness programme
  • 3. Consumer awareness programme
  • 4. Tribal Affairs or OBC welfare
  • 5. Vocational training for skill development etc.

Ngos are established not only to engage people in activities but also to encourage any form of social upliftment or social development of beneficiaries.

Women’s Education Development for Women Exploitation-

Another reason why society is established is that it participates in the empowerment of women through training, education, employment and other forms of funding at the grassroots level.

Charity Help-

This is one of the biggest social development goals in India. Communities are established to promote relief services for victims. For example, for those affected by the floods, temporary communities are established to provide financial assistance to these victims.

Science and Literature Development in India-

The main task of the community is to promote the science and development of different types of literature in India.

Upgrade Military Bags or CSR Fund for orphans-

Communities have been established to raise funds for military orphans.

Museum and Gallery

Every museum or community will have a specific organization and sponsor to carry out all community activities. Every museum or community will have a community built to perform functions related to museum preservation.

Storage of Libraries and Reading Rooms-

Even classrooms and libraries can be reserved for the built community.

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What is the purpose of Society Registration?

The main purpose of Society registration is to provide legal status for Indian communities and to improve the general legal status of communities. From now on the Society Registration Act, 1860 is very important. Society registration is governed by this action. With Society life in the country, the registered community makes the most important law.

Society Registration Process

In terms of Section 12 of the Act or S.R act, XXI-1860, the registration of the Association is subsequently empowered to alter, extend or shorten the purpose or purposes for which it was established, for any other purpose falling under this Act. It may decide to unite that community in whole or in part with another community. The registration process for the Society will be governed by Section 12 of the Act or Society registration act.

Minimum Requirements for Society Registration

For Society registration, at least 7 or more persons are required to be citizens of India,


the Organization, immigrants, and other registered communities are not compulsory to apply for Society registration but there are many benefits to Society registration in the field of social service.

Society registration is regulated by the Society Registration Act, 1860 by the state government. An application for Society registration is submitted to the IGG or IGR of some state as link given here

Registration where the registered Society office is located. Before applying for Society registration with the registrar or Registrar General the founding members or executive members must agree to the Society name after the Organization Memorandum has been finalized. A memorandum of a Society body sets out the Rules and Regulations of the Society body.

1. Completion of the name of the Organization

When the name of the Society is abolished it must be ensured that it must be in accordance with the Society Act, 1860. If the name of the proposed community is the same or similar to the registered community it will not be approved by the official.

The proposed name must not conflict with the national government or the government of India and the proposed name shall not contravene the provisions of the Emblem & Names Act, 1950 (

It must also be ensured that the proposed word does not contain any word or expression that has been challenged by the State or by the authorised body of Government.

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2. Organization Memorandum

In terms of section 2 of The Society Registration Act, 1860, the Memorandum of Association shall contain the following:

  • Name of community

Registered Society office

Society workshop

Objectives and objects of the Organization

The name, address and other details of the directors, council or other members of the governing body who will be in charge of the administration of their affairs.

• Governing body

Desiring body

Along with the Organization’s Memorandum, a copy of the Organization’s Rules and Regulations will be attached, affirmed by at least three members of the governing body.

3. Rules and Regulations

The rules will address the following details regarding the registration of the Association:

• The Constitution of the Association

Membership and subscription

Termination of Members

Details of Office Managers

• Duties of Office Managers

Source of Society Benefit and Bank Accounts




Dissolution of the Organization

Provision of legal disputes

Note: The list is not exhaustive and may include additional details for each example.

4. Application for Society Registration :

State Government look after the Society Registration. Thus, the application for society registration has to be submitted to the prescribed authority of the state, where the registered office of the society is situated. The requisite fees are also decided by the state government.

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The following documents are required for Society registration in India:

Letter of application with application for Society registration under S.R.act XXI-1860.

Organization Memorandum

A copy of the Organization’s Rules and Regulations

A list of all members of the Association


• Proof of residence of all members

Proof of registered address, or NOC to the Landlord

All the above-mentioned documents are required to be submitted to the Registrar of Society or Registrar General with the required fees as prescribed.

Upon closer inspection of the documents, a Certificate of Consolidation with a registration number will be issued.

The Society registration process takes approximately 30-60 days to complete.

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