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New Registration System – Finance Act 2020 https://incometaxindia.gov.in/

Under the new registration mechanism brought by the Finance Act, 2020:-

“All existing Charitable trust, Society, Section8 Company or institution under section 12A, section 12AA and section 80G are registered, they need to be registered under the new section 12AB, as Exemption can be claimed under section 10 or 11, as the case may be”. now 1 CBTT has notified the Income Tax (Sixth Amendment) Rules, 2021 with effect from April 2021

The new provisions have come into force on March 26, 2021, by issuance. done with the concept of completeness or continuity

Earlier, the Principal CIT or CIT (‘Competent u/s 12A/12AA or 80G, unless canceled by the authority’) Registrations were permanent. New provisions introduced by the Finance Act, 2020 removed and the Act has provided that the existing organization, which is under the Income Tax Act

Those who are registered under 12A / 12A A / 80G should also be covered under the section of Income Tax Act 2020 You have to apply for registration under 12AB.

A. Registration under section 12 AB

1. Approved the validity of registration under section 12 AB:

• The registration granted under section 12 AB will be valid for 5 years.

• However, in case of provisional registration, it will be valid for 3 years.

• Renewal of all registrations granted under section 12AB under the new scheme

Will be done.

2. Schedule for the New Registration Process:

1 June to the new registration process prescribed under section 12 AB of the IT Act,

was to be started from 2020 and to end by 31st August 2020, which

was extended up to October, 2020, and which was extended up to December 31, 2020.

was supposed to be abolished, but in view of the current pandemic situation, it was 1

was extended till March 2022, Now 12 A & 80 G registration can be done till 31 March 2022, So now all the existing trusts and institutions Re-register yourself under section 12AB of the IT Act before 31st March 2022.


It is necessary to do.

3. Form Filling and Verification:

Form numbers 10A and 10AB are given for this purpose. informs online to be filled in and to be completed electronically;

(i) Under Digital Signature, if Digital Signature for Income Tax Return (ITR)

It is necessary to do

(ii) in the case not covered under clause (i) of the Electoral Verification Code

Form 10A or 10AB, as the case may be, to be attested by the person who

Authorized to verify Income Tax Return (ITR).


Form 10A will be used for the following purposes:

• Existing organizations registered / approved under section 12 A / 12 AA / 10 (23 C) / 80 G

Application for re-registration/approval



Form 10 AB will be used for the following purposes:

• Converting Provisional Registration to Public Registration

• Renewal of registration/approval after five years

• Activating Person’s Registration u/s 10 (46)

• Re-registration for change of field registered under section 12

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4. Expected Dates to Apply:

Dates prescribed for Form 10A

• Letters applying for Provisional Registration / Approval: Commencement of the previous year

1 month before, from where the above approval is sought.

Dates prescribed for Form 10AB

• Converting Provisional Registration to Regular Registration: 6 months before the end or

6 months before the start of the activities, whichever is earlier.

• Renewal of registration/approval after five years: before 6 months of the expiry

• Re-registration for rectification of change of field of work registered under section 12:

within 30 days from such amendment.

5. Documents to be submitted:

The application in Form No. 10A or 10AB has to be submitted along with the following documents:

• Self-attested copy of the registration certificate

• Self-attested copy of the trust sheet (in case of public trust)

• Self-attested copy of FCRA registration certificate (if any)

• Existing order granting registration under section 10 / 12A / 12AA / 12AB / 80G

self-certified copy of

• Order of denial of registration under 12A / 12AA / 12AB / 80G

Self-attested copy (if any) for further details : https://ngotrust.in/


• Activity report since registration or for the last three years (Financial Year 2018-19)

from 2020-21)

• Since registration or for the last three years (Financial Year 2018-19 to 2020-21

up to) Self-attested copy of Annual Accounts along with Aegis Report

• List of Governing Body / Trustee / Stakeholders / Directors with their names, addresses, PAN numbers, email

and with contact number

• Religious after registration or for the last three years (FY2018-19 to 2020-21)

Amount of expenditure for the activity

• Note on the activities of the applicant.

6. Place an Order for Registration:

On receipt of the application, the Board shall authorize the Registrar or the Commissioner.

Will pass an order in the form of:

  • If the applicant is already registered or registered under section 12AA
  • On successful registration the order placed for registration will be in writing in Form No. 10AC and a
  • A sixteen digit alphanumeric User Registration Number (URN) will also be allotted.
  • (b) in cases where Form No. 10AB has been filled by the applicant:
  • • The order for grant of or cancellation of registration or denial will be in Form No. 10AD.
  • (c) in a case where during the previous year before the beginning of the day before the 4th day of April, 2021, section 12 A
  • Provisional registration in case the application is made under clause (vi) of sub-section (1)
  • With effect from the assessment year commencing from the first day of April, 2022.
  • 7. Can the approval granted under section 12AB be cancelled?
  • • If, at any point of time, it is observed that Form No. 10 A has not been filled in correctly or that the information is incorrect
  • OR Wrong documents have been given, in that case PCIT or CIT in Form No. 10AC
  • Registration can be cancelled.
  • • However, an opportunity of being heard will be given before the cancellation.
  • • Upon cancellation, it will be deemed that the URN was never provided or issued.
  • B. Registration under section 80(G)
  • 1. Forms to be filled
  • A similar amendment has been made in section 80G in the registration/renewal process. Thus,
  • Existing Trusts/Institutions are now required to apply for new registration under sub-section (5) of section 80G in the same manner.
  • Have to apply, as applicable in section 12AB. Such application Form No. 10 A or 10 AB
  • as applicable to the institution.
  • 2. Making a Statement u/s 80G:
  • Submission of details of donation to the registered trust/institution under section 80G, from the financial year 2021-22
  • on the basis of which bonus deduction will be available. On or before 31st May of subsequent financial year
  • Annual loan details to be submitted in Form No. 10BD (for example, FY 2021-
  • 22 to be furnished on or before 31.05.2022). To submit the details,
  • Information will be required (Form 10BD):
  • (a) PAN/Aadhaar of the donor.
  • (b) In case PAN/Aadhaar is not available, then Passport Number/Voter Photo Identity/Driving License/Ration Card
  • / Tax payer identification number, where it resides.
  • (c) The type of donation ie Corpus/Special Grant/Others.
  • (d) The amount of the loan.
  • (e) Mode of Receipt – Cash / Commodity / Electronic Mode including Amount Payee Cheque / Others.
  • (f) Certificate in Form 10BE to be given to the donor in Form 10BD from the website of Income Tax Department.
  • Will be available for download after submission.
  • (g) It is important to maintain complete records of all phones including PAN and address as on 4.2021.
  • 3. Renewal Process for Registration
  • Step 1: Apply Online at Income Tax Portal
  • The applicant has to apply for online verification of 12A and 80G on the income tax portal.
  • Log in with your ID and Password.
  • Step 2: Fill the complete details carefully and correctly
  • Any wrong information / wrong information may lead to rejection of the form. All documents to be attached
  • are to be made, they should be attached carefully.
  • Step 3: Registration order will be generated by the department
  • After the application form is filled correctly, the department will verify and verify the documents. Its
  • After that an order for registration will be issued within 3 months from the end of the month of application and
  • After successful registration a sixteen digit alphanumeric User Registration Number (URN) will be given.

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