You are currently viewing What is the Ngo full form & what is the process, documents required to register a Ngo online?

What is the Ngo full form & what is the process, documents required to register a Ngo online?

Ngo full form is known as Non-Government Organization & regarding Ngo registration process, List of documents required for online Ngo registration is given under this Ngo blog.

An NGO is a non-government organization with a charitable objective, for the betterment of society in general. It can be started as a Trust, a Society or a Non-Profit Company [Section 8 Company], depending on the activity you wish to undertake.

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In India, NGO is an umbrella term for all non-profit organizations including Trust, Society and Section 8 Company. Other names for such not-for-profit organizations are “Association”, “Sangh”, “Foundation”, “Samiti” or “Trust’.

Income tax exemption is also available for all non-profit NGOs.

These are sometimes confused with non-profitable companies, which refers to a regular business is not making a profit.

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Ngo full form & what is the process, documents required to register a Ngo online

The registration of an NGO in India can be done under the following three rules:
 1.Indian Trusts Act, 1882 for trust registration
 2.Societies Registration Act, 1860 of public registration
3.Companies Act, 2013 Section 8 of Company Registration.

What is the process for registering an NGO?

The procedures involved in registering an NGO can vary depending on whether the organization is established in India, However, the process in India is relatively simple, easier and less complex.

The application for the registration of an NGO has to be submitted with the relevant authority as –

a) Sub Registrar(District office usually for Trust Registration under Indian Trust act-1882)

b) Registrar General/Inspector general registration (State Office usually for Society Registration under S.R.act 1860)

c) Company Registrar (Ministry of Corporate Affairs under CompCompanies Act, 2013 Section 8 of Company Registration)

1.Registration of Trust

The NGO registration or OnlineTrust registration obtained under the Trusts Act 1882 is known as the registration of the trust. In particular, public trust trusts or private trusts/Charitable trusts are designed to assist members of an uncertain and diverse class. Although trust is determined as confidential or public, an important question arises as to whether the beneficiary class forms a large part of society.

Trusts can register for the following purposes:

• Health & Education;

• Development of Tribals/Minorities

• Road safety or Consumer awareness program

Trust Registration Checklist

• At least two trustees are required to register a public trust.

• Each state has applicable Trust Laws, which govern the trusts of the state follow the registration rule.

• The key tool of any trust is the trust, in which the purposes, objects, and management structure of the trust must be embedded.

Benefits of Trust Registration

The various benefits offered under Public Charitable Trust Registration are:

• In most states, there is no law governing Public Charitable Trusts in India. However, many states have Public Trusts Act such as Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Rajasthan.

• An NGO registered under the Trust Act may use the term “Govt. Regd. ” or ‘Regd’.

• Land or building from the government for running an orphan house, old age home or Swadhar Grih etc.

• Few tax benefits such as Income Tax, as 12A & 80g Registration

Benefits of 80G certification under the Income Tax Act for donor tax exemption.

Benefits of 12A certification under the Income Tax Act for receiver tax exemption.

• White money for building construction.

• Entertainment Tax Benefits and Service Tax.

Ngo full form & what is the process, documents required to register a Ngo online

2.Society Registration Online

Civil society is a group of persons who meet together for the purpose of scientific, educational or charitable purposes or for purposes as provided under the society registration Act, 1860. An NGO registered under the Society Act, 1860 is known as the Registration of the Organization under the SOCIETY REGISTRATION ACT.

Document Required for online society registration

• For public registration in India, there is a need for at least seven or more members.

• In that case, companies or communities registered outside of India would like to start an Indian community where they will need to register for the Indian Community Memorandum.

• In India, you must follow the rule established for CSO/VSO.

• However, a community-registered NGO receives legal protection and is entitled to a few benefits provided by the government.

Benefits under Society registration

NGOs registered under the Society Registration Act, 1860 [1] may use the following benefits:,_1860

Divide your legal identity

One of the major benefits of Society registration is that the NGO is a separate legal entity. Because of these differences, the members of these non-governmental organizations are solely responsible for the action taken by them and not for other members.

Limited Responsibility

The Society or NGO is a legal entity separate from its members. The legal obligation of members is therefore limited to their share only. That means there are no circumstances where members’ assets can be used to pay off company debts.

Exemption from income tax

Exemption from Income Tax is what everyone wants. Also, public registration is a form of NGO registration in which a company is held to pay income taxes.

Legal protection Once you have registered your community under the society registration Act, 1860, you will be granted legal protection. It means that no other company or people can use your personal property, your company name, etc. Anyone found guilty of any offence will be punished

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Section 8 Company registration

Section 8 of Company registration is a form of NGO registration obtained under Section 8 of the Indian Companies Act, 2013, and established to promote and promote Health, Social service, arts & culture activities, charities, religion or any other benefit. In addition, profits, if any, or other income are used to promote corporate interests and no profits are paid to their members.

A person may register his or her company under Section 8 as a limited private, public, sole proprietor or limited liability company.

Section 8 companies registration is, in fact, assigned to serve the general purpose of social welfare in any of the sectors described above.

Documents required for Section 8 Company Registration online-

• The most important tool for a Section 8 company is the Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Articles of Association (AoA).

• The company must be registered as a limited or limited private corporation or limited corporation.

• There must be at least two directors and two members of the combined company.

Benefits of Section 8 company registration

NGOs that register on their own under Section 8 of company registration can receive various benefits from it as follows:

No small cash requirement

Unlike other organizations such as limited public companies, category 8 companies do not have a fixed limit for any minimum monetary requirement. However, the structure of the firm’s finances can be changed at any stage that may be necessary for the company to grow.,_1882

Divide legal business

Like Private Limited and other limited companies, the Section 8 company, too, has its own ownership and has its own legal business separate from its members. In addition, the Category 8 Company has eternal life.

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