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What are the services provided by NGO consultancy firms?

I am an NGO consultant,Sai Ngo & Business Consultancy so I may be able to answer this question. as you know NGO full is a non-government organization.

There are several categories in this NGO management such as

1. NGO Registration Department of Revenue, Registration and Land Reforms

2. PAN Card Application e-Filing Home Page, Income Tax Department, Government of India

3. Bank Account Online Application – Home

4. Niti Aayog (Darpan) Registration NGO Darpan

5. 12A and 80G Registration Tax Exempted Institutions

6. FCRA Registration FCRA Online Services

7. NGO Profile

8. Annual Report

9.Annual accounts

10. Application for a grant etc.NGO Darpan


In view of all the above-mentioned content, it is necessary to have various programs for the benefit of society and to reach the real beneficiary through its organization.

Now come to the answer to the above-

There are two types of ngo consultancy firms related to the development sector of any NGOs.

I’m not sure which one you are referring to, so here is information about both –

1. NGOs Consultation firms link donors and NGOs –

There are probably more than 110000 organization are registered in the Niti Aayog (DARPAN) portal in India. NGO Darpan

They vary in Status, strength, Branches theme concentration and spatial distribution. As big and small organization are willing to invest/social service in this sector.

How does a donor agency know if an NGO is legitimate, if it does what it says it does, if it has the capacity to deliver projects and if its financial and administrative setting is strong?

  • Also, how does the donor agency ensure that the mission is consistent?
  • While major NGOs have been around for decades, have the right information and reputation for funding and may not need to be reviewed, many donor agencies, especially CSRs, look to specialized recruitment agencies, such NGOs.
  • What do these sites do? They survey all around, taking recommendations from those in the sector, the organizations listed that meet the basic criteria. This is followed by a series of meetings, field visits, due diligence (both financial and program levels), discussions. These agencies assist the identified NGO and donor agencies to reach the point where the proposals, finances, and application are approved. The partnership is then transferred to the project management team, to the donor company.

2. Consulting firms that support NGOs:

These are agencies, with specialists in a particular field. They have access to technical experts (sanitation, health, vaccination, education, disability, disasters, agriculture, medicine, nutrition, etc.), project management specialists (research, testing, monitoring, strategy, design, collaboration etc.) and others provide support services such as well (human resources, legal, financial, administrative etc.). Such firms, therefore, have different types of work:

a. Writing proposals, initial reflection, or project construction

b. Manage part of the project – project identification, research design and research delivery, project monitoring, content development and / or delivery, training (module development to delivery) etc.

c. Provide specialized resources – individuals are associated with specific work, delivery support, supervision, management etc. In such a case, the person/person can be placed in an NGO for a period of time, until the referral is completed.

  • Many NGOs have basic/unrestricted funds (office administration budget, staff, infrastructure, etc.) and certain project funds remain limited. It is for this reason that many NGOs have started looking at these specialized consulting firms, providing timely support, direct project support.
  • Both of these types have great potential – such as a program to support the development sector, as well as to ensure the efficient use of resources – personal and financial, to achieve the goals set.

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