What is Housing Cooperative Society Registration & What is Procedure for Registration?

In India, a housing cooperative society registration is a thing for the whole country. Two words can be associated with and the name association is more than enough to describe it. In Jharkhand housing cooperative society registration http://regd.jharkhand.gov.in/jars/website/ is very simple, it should apply online here.

housing cooperative society in ranchi,jharkhand,patna,bihar
https://www.jharkhandit.nic.in/ housing cooperative society in Ranchi, Jharkhand, Patna, Bihar

It was in its infancy when the phrase came into acceptance. An era of it had begun.

It is a specific type of housing society https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cooperative where, for better or for worse, a piece of land is assigned to any group of individuals comprising homeowners, administration, and promoters. The next step is to put in place a shared culture, public image, and a bill of rights for members, and a controlled location of finance. http://www.jharkhandit.nic.in/

housing cooperative society in Ranchi,Jharkhand,Patna,Bihar

What is the difference between housing cooperative societies and housing societies?

Sustainable population growth starts with the first affordable of households being put into homes. A greater number of people living in urban areas drive economic growth; so it is no wonder there are nearly 30 lakh housing cooperatives in India.

They have collectively built 5 lakh km of roads, over 35 lakh houses have been constructed, more than 30 lakh facilities have been provided to members and they have earned certain visibility of their institutions. Here we understand what a housing cooperative is.

Can people register themselves as members of a housing cooperative society?

Yes, there are houses and societies that allow other people to join as members. For them, it makes sense. But there is no specific house in India that permits anyone else to become a member.

To gain membership in a cooperative housing society, a person must first become a member of that society.

If you are a member of the housing society as an owner you can participate in online

co-operative housing society registration in Jharkhand http://regd.jharkhand.gov.in/jars/website/ as an executive, you can’t participate if you are a tenant.

There is no provision to be made for the registration of individual members in the land registry system, no matter how savvy you are, unless it is to give a house where a residential plan has been sold and the person has received a nomination certificate. http://www.jharkhandit.nic.in/

housing cooperative society in Ranchi, Jharkhand,Patna,Bihar

If I am a member of a housing cooperative society, can I rent out my apartment or pay rent?

co-operative housing society registration in Jharkhand

Renting is permissible but not without a land component, so properties can only be rented out through cooperative housing societies. People who earn and own their homes can afford to pay their rent but cannot rent theirs. Similarly, http://www.jharkhandit.nic.in/

if they own their home but cannot afford to buy or pay rent, they need to pay their rent and the land component.

Is it true that members of a cooperative housing society must furnish proof of no less than six months of staying in the house?

co-operative housing society registration in Jharkhand


A very specific provision is there but even this clause should be relaxed. Non-resident Indian does not need to furnish this proof and can pay rent in less than six months if she wants. In my view,

The rule of co-operative housing society registration in Jharkhand http://enibandhan.jharkhand.gov.in/ should be relaxed. I think that people can also provide an explanation that proves this for them.

housing cooperative society in Ranchi, Jharkhand, Patna, Bihar

The law of scrutiny requires a balance between the welfare of society and the individual members.

housing cooperative society in Ranchi, Jharkhand,Patna, Bihar

In my perspective, such a law is a systemic failure and a way to help a fraction of people. To make sense of it and save me space, the regulator and the property owner need to sit and investigate things and who can be given a clearer understanding of the stand taken regarding each individual. You may contact, Sai Ngo & Business consultancy for housing cooperative society registration in Jharkhand. http://enibandhan.jharkhand.gov.in/

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